YADA, Shuntaro

矢田 竣太郎

I'm a Japanese Ph.D. student majoring in Library and Information Science at the University of Tokyo.



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Research Theme

I major in Library and Information Science, and am interested in what kinds of opportunities makes people to read. My main research theme is development of a book recommendation system Serendy to simulate an online version of the situation where a person discovers books by chance through daily informal chats with friends. I focus on tweets that mention books. Besides, I also have an interest on supporting library by developing software.


Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo

Ph.D. Student in Library and Information Science | Present

Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo

Master of Education in Library and Information Science | March 2016

The University of Tokyo

Bachelor in Pedagogy | March 2014


KDDI Research

Student Intern | October 2016-June 2017

UTokyo Mono-Lab-Japan

Senior Student Instractor | 2014–2017

I have been planning and teaching how to build own gold-roubeberg machine to pupils in Takayama city and Gifu city. In this program, we work with municipal administrations, local comittees of education, retired senior engineers, and volunteer high school students, as well as college student staffs of the project. Also I teach Arduino as a device which is combined into a gold-roubeberg machine children craft.


Natural Languages

Native speaker.
Intermidiate level in reading and writing, basic level in listening and speaking.
Beginner as a third language.

Programming Languages

Python 3
Using more than four years and my main programming language:
Intermittently using six years for casual programming such as building simple web applications (of Rails or Sinatra), and preprocessing textual data.
Beginner on D3.js, and jQuery.
For typesetting academic articles (creating a thesis template for my affiliation).

Operating Systems

Daily use for research and development.
Server operation such as running scripts and Rails/Wordpress deployment. My favorite distribution is Ubuntu.
Basic handling, if others force me to use it

Production Tools

Atom Editor
Main text editor in GUI (with vim-mode-plus).
Vim (neovim)
Main text editor in CUI.
Premiere Pro
Basic level of post production such as making a short PV
Designing academic posters and bussiness cards for myself and other projects (recently I switched into Affinity Designer)